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Updated 29.7.2008.

I am mainly interested in the so called "art music". I still keep my ears open to other genres, too. I play different types of European lutes; late renaissance and early baroque are closest to my heart. The most interesting period for me is around year 1600 - the time when late renaissance turned into early baroque. The extreme time limits for the types of lutes I play are 1500-1750. Well, sometimes I break these limits, though... ;-)

I especially enjoy playing continuo (improvising harmonic texture on a written bass line, an example ) for a singer or a melody instrument player. That's why I wrote 1994 a small manual for those, who want to start this tremendous art: Basics of the basics of lute continuo.

Here are some pictures of me and my lutes:

There is a page of information and pictures of my lutes; measures, makers, etc.

I play lutes and renaissance guitar in the Finnish group 'The Poor Knights'. Here are some pictures of the ensemble:

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