582612 Practical course in microarray data analysis (4 cr)

The course gives an introduction to the analysis of microarray data. Topics include processing of microarray information, experiment design, statistical analysis of data and inference of gene regulation networks. The course contains an obligatory practical work. This course can also be taken as a part of T-61.5050 High-throughput bioinformatics.


30.4.2007 Course results are now available. If you take the course High-throughput bioinformatics, you will get the credits from that course only and not separately from the 582612 microarray module. In this case, your name is not included in the result list.
23.2.2007 Please read the instructions how to successfully pass the course.
14.1.2007 Slides from the first lecture are available. You can find links to slides in the Schedule.
5.1.2007 The course website is up.

Course report

To successfully pass the course, you need to follow the instructions given here.


Tue 13.2. 10-12 B119ArrayExpress database and Microarray data analysis in Expression Profiler (lecture) [slides] Updated on 16.2.
Thu 15.2. 14-16 B119 Higher level analysis of gene expression data - distance measures and clustering. Lecture (B119) and practical (CK110) [slides]
Fri 16.2. 14-16 B119 Higher level analysis of gene expression data - supervised analysis, class discovery. Lecture (B119) and practical (CK110) [slides]
Tue 20.2. 10-12 B119 Higher level analysis of gene expression data - using Gene Ontology (lecture and practical) [lab instructions] [slides]
Thu 22.2. 14-16 B119Clustering, experiment design [slides]
Fri 23.2. 14-16 B119PCA, supervised analysis [slides]
Tue 27.2. 10-12B119 Approaches to gene network analysis - network logics and dynamics [slides]
Thu 1.3. 14-16 B119 Approaches to gene network analysis - dynamics and reverse engineering [slides]

Enrolling for the course

Enroll for the course with registration system of the CS department.


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