MBI - Orientation for new students

Orientation for new students

Welcome to the MBI programme! On this page you will find useful information regarding your studies in MBI at the University of Helsinki.


Orientation programme, autumn semester 2013


Student numbers in HY and Aalto

As an MBI student, you will get a separate student number to both HY and Aalto. When you register to your home university, you will be given a native student number. In addition to this number, MBI provides you with a student number from the other institution.

Before you can get a student number of the other institution, you need to have registered at the Local Registry Office and have a Finnish ID number.

Study rights

  • You receive the right to study at your home university when you register to the university.
  • To get the right to study at the other university, you need to complete an application ("JOO"). The application is completed according to a template provided here later.

Computer accounts and how to get them

There are four computer accounts you need when you study in the MBI programme:

  • The University of Helsinki account (HY account)
  • Department of Computer Science at HY account (HY/CS account)
  • Aalto/Helsinki University of Technology account (Aalto account)
  • Department of Information and Computer Science at TKK account (TKK/ICS account)

A computer account to your home university (HY or Aalto account) will be created when you register to the university.

  • HY student: you can get your HY account from Pekka Niklander, Department of Computer Science, one day after you have registered to the university. You will also get a HY/CS account at the same time.
  • TKK student:
    • TKK account from IT services
    • TKK/ICS account from the Department of Information and Computer Science at TKK (fill a form at the department)

Note: All MBI students require all four accounts regardless of the home university! 

Personal study plan

Please see this page for information about the personal study plan.


How to enrol to courses?

You will encounter at least four different online systems to enrol with:


Your student cards acts also as your library card. However, it can take some time before you get your card. While waiting, you can get a temporary library card to the University of Helsinki by first getting a letter of recommendation from Esa which you can then present at the Kumpula Science library together with your passport.


You may read your HY/CS account mail with a webmail service.

Note that you have two E-mail accounts at the University of Helsinki: HY and HY/CS account e-mails. Please set up a forwarding from the HY email account to your HY/CS account, so that you have to read your mails from only one account. You can do this with a web form.


MBI students can apply for keys to access departments outside opening hours.

Travelling between campuses

Journey Planner is your friend - use it to find good ways to travel between campuses by public transportation.

Usually the bus 506 is the best way to travel between the four campuses: Otaniemi (TKK) <-> Meilahti (Biomedicum) <-> Kumpula <-> Viikki.

General information for new students

Things to do before you start your studies

  1. Register at the university. You will get your student number then, and a certificate of attendance. You may use this certificate together with student union's membership fee receipt to get student discounts from cafeterias, for example. Bring with you: passport, receipt of paid fees, letter of acceptance
    • HY: register at the Faculty of Science, Kumpula.
    • TKK: Internation Student Services, 2nd floor, TKK main building, Y235
  2. Get a student card of your home institution. It can take a few weeks until you get your card.
    • HY: you can order your card here. You need to have a digital photo of yourself. Please ask Esa if you need one.
    • TKK: fill in an application form when registering to TKK. Bring with you a passport sized photo.
  3. Get Finnish ID number from Maistraatti (Local Register Office). Bring with you: valid residence permit, passport. Register at the office of your city of residence:
    • Helsinki: Albertinkatu 25
    • Espoo: Itätuulenkatu 2 A
    • Vantaa: Kielotie 15
  4. Get a bank account.
  5. Get a mobile phone & subscription.
  6. Get Helsinki travel card from a Travel Card Service point. You need to have a Finnish ID number to be able to get the card and the student discount form with a stamp from the faculty
    • Helsinki: Railway station
    • Espoo: Cultural Centre, Tapiola
  7. Check that you have a health insurance.
  8. Participate in orientation at your home university:
  9. Get computer accounts to HY, CS/HY and TKK.
  10. Consider taking Finnish & English language classes.

Useful resources


If you notice erroneous information on this page, please contact student advisors!