IDA Frontier Prize awarded to Discovery research group

IDA Frontier Prize for innovative research has been awarded to work of the Discovery research group of the Department of Computer Science and HIIT. 

The prize is awarded to the most novel and visionary contribution of Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA) 2012 symposium, based on the paper and the presentation of the work during the conference. The Frontier Prize paper must present novel and surprising approaches to intelligent data analysis.

The award-winning paper is Sleep Musicalization: Automatic Music Composition from Sleep Measurements, authored by Aurora Tulilaulu, Joonas Paalasmaa, Mikko Waris, and Hannu Toivonen.

The work proposes a whole new way to experience data: as music automatically composed from the data. In the case of sleep measurements this process is called sleep musicalization. The goal of musicalization of data is to create a subjective experience, and joy of creativity, rather than trasfer information objectively.

The work has been carried out in the Discovery research group led by Prof. Hannu Toivonen, in collaboration with Beddit Ltd.

Sleep musicalization has received a lot of interest internationally. It has been covered, e.g., by Discovery News, CNET, and Finnish TV news -- and in at least 15 languages besided English and Finnish. The most popular sleep songs published at have already been listened to thousands of times.


30.10.2012 - 10:56 Hannu Toivonen
29.10.2012 - 23:51 Hannu Toivonen