Summer jobs in research groups of the Department in Computer Science in 2018

Summer jobs at the Department of Computer Science are waiting for students. Several salaried research assistant positions are available in a range of research projects. There are jobs available for computer science and data science students. In some projects, there are also jobs available for students of mathematics and statistics. A deadline for submitting the summer job applications is Sunday the 4th of February, 2018.

The research assistant positions are typically filled for periods between May and September, the exact start and end date depending on individual negotiations.

Jobs are available at the following groups or projects:

  1. Algorithm design, analysis, and experimentation: Sums of Products group ( / Mikko Koivisto
  2. Algorithms for genome assembly: Genome-scale Algorithmics group ( / Leena Salmela
  3. Category theory on multi-model databases: Unified Database Management System group ( / Jiaheng Lu
  4. Constraint reasoning and optimization (discrete algorithms, optimization, SAT, logic, complexity, applications in AI and machine learning; Constraint Reasoning and Optimization group ( / Matti Järvisalo
  5. Deep learning for translating from images to text: Intelligent Interactive Information Access group ( / Patrik Floréen
  6. 5G testbed: Secure Systems group ( / Valtteri Niemi
  7. Implementation of a signal authentication scheme to a global navigation satellite system testbed: Secure Systems group ( / Kimmo Järvinen
  8. Implementation of an opportunistic content dissemination platform: Collaborative Networking group ( / Jussi Kangasharju
  9. Intelligent recommendation technologies for community-driven requirements engineering ( Empirical Software Engineering group ( / Mikko Raatikainen
  10. Machine learning ( Multi-source Probabilistic Inference group ( / Arto Klami
  11. Machine learning and evolution: Bioinformatics and Evolution group ( / Ville Mustonen
  12. Maximal exact matches on a directed acyclic graph: Genome-scale Algorithmics group ( / Veli Mäkinen
  13. Privacy-preserving proximity test for Android: Secure Systems group ( / Kimmo Järvinen

Successful applicants are required to have a Bachelor’s degree or gained around 150 credits of their studies, to be interested in research work and to be active in contributing to the projects.

Applicants should submit an application for these positions using a web form at

Applicants must upload a transcript (list of passed exams and courses) and optionally a one-page curriculum vitae with the application form. The deadline for applications is Sunday the 4th of February, 2018.

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