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Experimental vision research

Classification images

[Classification images are a psychophysical method for reverse correlation which we have used to investigate various aspects of typically extrastriate vision.]

I. Kurki, T. Peromaa, A. Hyvärinen and J. Saarinen. Visual Features Underlying Perceived Brightness as Revealed by Classification Images. PLoS ONE, 46(13):2009--2014, 2006.
[Investigate brightness perception with classification images.]

I. Kurki, A. Hyvärinen and P. Laurinen. Collinear context (and learning) change the profile of the perceptual filter. Vision Research, 46(13):2009--2014, 2006.
[Shows how the classification image is modified by context (collinear flankers).]

I. Kurki, A. Hyvärinen and J. Saarinen. Investigating shape perception by classification images. Journal of Vision, 14(12):24, 2014.
Open access journal article
[Investigates integration of local features in global shape perception, using classification images.]

I. Kurki, A. Hyvärinen and J. Saarinen. Template optimization and transfer in perceptual learning. Journal of Vision, 16:16, 2016.
Open access journal article
[Proposes a new methods for analysing changes in classification images during learning.]

Neuroimaging of extrastriate cortex

L. Henriksson, A. Hyvärinen and S. Vanni. Representation of Cross-Frequency Spatial Phase Relationships in Human Visual Cortex. Journal of Neuroscience, 29(45):14342-14351, 2009.
[Finds areas in which there seems to be a representation of the cross-frequency relations of phases, so that suitably congruent phases (as in a step edge) elicit maximum response.]

L. Henriksson, L. Nurminen, A. Hyvärinen and S. Vanni. Spatial frequency tuning in human retinotopic visual areas. Journal of Vision, 8(10):1-13, 2008.
Open access journal article
[Considers the hypothesis that an important aspect of the specialization of extrastriate areas is representation of different spatial scales.]