Aineopintojen harjoitustyö: AI Odyssey 2012

Algoritmit ja koneoppiminen
In this course the students participate in a fun competition where they design and implement algorithms to solve programming challenges. Each challenge lasts two weeks, during which the students may improve their solutions. The course is targeted to students who have just taken the Introduction to AI -course (Johdatus tekoälyyn), although other students may join in as well. Minimal tuition will be available in both Finnish and English.
Vuosi Lukukausi Päivämäärä Periodi Kieli Vastuuhenkilö
2012 syksy 29.10-10.12. 2-2 Suomi Teemu Roos


Group: 1
Aika Huone Ohjaaja Päivämäärä Huomioitavaa
Ma 14-16 D122 Mikko Sysikaski 29.10.2012—29.10.2012
Ma 16-18 D122 Mikko Sysikaski 12.11.2012—12.11.2012
Ma 14-16 D122 Mikko Sysikaski 26.11.2012—26.11.2012
Ma 14-16 C222 Mikko Sysikaski 10.12.2012—10.12.2012


This course is a successor to last year's course AI Challenges I. You may attend this course regardless of whether you have completed that course or not.

The course consists of three phases, each of which lasts two weeks. During each phase the students must solve a given problem by creating an AI that beats the reference solution of the organizers.

At the end of the course, the students may participate in the Linkki Challenge competition for 1 extra ECTS. The competition is held on Sunday Dec 16th and lasts 12 hours. See the course page of Linkki 24 Challenge for more info.

The course has IRC channel on IRCnet #ai2012.

Kurssin suorittaminen

The course will be graded pass/fail.

In order to pass, you need to create an AI for each challenge that beats the provided reference solution. At the end of each phase the students need to write an a4 report that describes the used approach and send it by mail to For the first challenge send also your solution and source code to that address. For the other two, separate submission system will be made available.

There will be meetings on every second monday at the start of each course phase and after the last phase where we introduce the next challenge and go over possible solutions to the previous challenge. You don't need to attend these meeting to pass the course.

Collaboration and sharing ideas is encouraged, but everyone needs to implement and return their own solutions.

Kirjallisuus ja materiaali

There is no official course book, and the students are expected to search for information by themselves. The challenges will be posted on these course pages and some references will be provided with them.