Indoor Localization

Vuosi Lukukausi Päivämäärä Periodi Kieli Vastuuhenkilö
2015 syksy 29.10-10.12. 2-2 Englanti Petteri Nurmi


Aika Huone Luennoija Päivämäärä
To 16-18 B222 Petteri Nurmi 29.10.2015-10.12.2015

Information for international students

All lectures and course material will be in English.


The Indoor Localization course covers basics of algorithms and technologies for determining the users location within indoor environments. The main focus will be on WLAN/WiFi localization, but also other techniques, such as magnetic localization, UWB, ultrasound, RFID and others will be discussed. The course is organized in collaboration between the University of Helsinki and Ekahau.


The course consists of 6 lectures and project work. Grading is based on the project work only. Lecture attendance is very important.


Preliminary schedule for the course:

- 29.10 & 5.11 Positioning algorithms and Indoor Localization Systems: Petteri Nurmi

Introduction and Positioning Algorithms

Indoor Location Systems

- 12.11 & 19.11 WiFi fingerprinting: Teemu Pulkkinen & Johannes Verwijnen

WiFi positioning slides

Tracking slides

- 26.11 & 3.12 Project discussion and support: Teemu Pulkkinen & Johannes Verwijnen


Project work

The project work will be either the construction of a working indoor localization system (in Exactum), or a system complementary to the existing system installed at Exactum. The work can be performed individually or in pairs. Students may choose from two deadlines, either 16.12. for grading during 2015, or 10.1.2016, for grading in January 2016.



Exactum maps, android scanning code and example fingerprints are available here. (needs CS dept account) The test fingerprint should give you a location close to the fourth fingerprint.

The agreed locations in Exactum were as follows:

  • public hallways on floors K-3 (ie. not 4) - hallways which require a door to be opened for access are NOT to be surveyed
  • the hallway towards computer lab BK107 and the computer lab itself

OSX scanning is described in