EDOC 2011 - 15th IEEE International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference

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29.08.2011 (koko päivä) - 02.09.2011 (koko päivä)
Exactum, Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2b

The Fifteenth IEEE International EDOC Conference, held on 29th August - 2nd September 2011 in Helsinki, Finland.

The IEEE EDOC Conference is the key annual event in enterprise computing. EDOC conferences address the full range of engineering technologies and methods contributing to intra- and inter-enterprise distributed application systems. EDOC 2011 will be the fifteenth event in the series of conferences. Since 1997, EDOC has brought together leading computer science researchers, IT decision makers, IT architects, solution designers and practitioners to discuss enterprise computing challenges, models and solutions from the perspectives of academia, industry and government. Enterprise computing is based on a wide (and ever growing) range of methods, models, tools and technologies. The resulting applications also cover a broad spectrum of vertical domains and industry segments, from electronic and mobile commerce to real-time business applications for collaborating enterprises. In recent years, technologies related to business processes integration, management, execution and monitoring have become some of the top areas of interest in enterprise computing. Today, the creation, operation and evolution of enterprise computing systems create challenges that range from high-level requirements and policy modeling to the deployment and maintenance of solutions in and across customer businesses. The IEEE EDOC Conference emphasizes a holistic view on enterprise applications engineering and management, fostering integrated approaches that can address and relate processes, people and technology. The themes of openness and distributed computing, based on services, components and objects, provide a useful and unifying conceptual framework. EDOC 2011 welcomes high quality scientific submissions as well as papers on enterprise computing industry experiences. Expert panel discussions and keynotes will address hot topics and issues in the domain. 
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