SliceTime: Enhancing the Applicability of Network Emulation

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04.12.2012 - 14:15 - 15:00
Elias Weingärtner
Exactum B120

Elias Weingärtner from RWTH Aachen will give a guest lecture on Tuesday 4.12. 14:15-15:00 in Exactum B120. The title of the lecture is "SliceTime: Enhancing the Applicability of Network Emulation". The SliceTime system was published in the prestigious NSDI conference in 2011. Elias is finalizing his doctoral dissertation this year.


SliceTime: Enhancing the Applicability of Network Emulation

The performance evaluation of real-world communication systems is a challenging task. A major reason are uncontrollable influences of their environment, for example dynamic wireless channel conditions or continuously changing background traffic.

A flexible methodology to address such issues is network emulation, which enables communication systems to be investigated in a fully isolated and simulated environment. Unfortunately, this approach so far was difficult to apply to many scenarios, as the simulation was in the need to execute in real-time.

In this talk we discuss our work on Synchronized Network Emulation (SNE) and our respective framework, SliceTime. SNE decouples the progression of time from real-time and synchronizes the execution of virtualized communication systems with the network simulation. This makes it able to carry out very complex network emulation tasks on legacy hardware. The talk concludes with our current work on an emulation platform for BitTorrent systems.

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