Data mining in genetics

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2006 2005
  • Combining phenotypic and genotypic data to discover multiple disease genes by Hannu Toivonen, Saara Hyvönen, Petteri Sevon. Symposium on Knowledge Representation in Bioinformatics (KRBIO'05), 7-14, Espoo, Finland, June 2005.
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  • Algorithms for Association-Based Gene mapping, PhD thesis, Petteri Sevon. Department of Computer Science, Report A-2004-4.
  • Increasing incidence of Type 1 diabetes -- a role for genes?, Pitkäniemi J, Onkamo P, Tuomilehto J, Arjas E. BMC Genetics, 2004.
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2003 2002 2001
  • Mining associations between genetic markers, phenotypes and covariates. Sevon P, Ollikainen V, Onkamo P, Toivonen HTT, Mannila H, and Kere J. In Wijsman EM, Almasy L, Amos CI, Borecki I, Falk CT, King TM, Martinez MM, Meyers D, Neuman R, Olson JM, Rich S, Spence MA, Thomas DC, Vieland VJ, Witte JS, MacCluer JW. Analysis of complex genetic traits: Applications to asthma and simulated data. In Genetic Epidemiology, Volume 21(Suppl 1), pgs. S588-S593, 2001.
  • Association analysis by data mining tools by Päivi Onkamo, Petteri Sevon, Vesa Ollikainen, Hannu TT Toivonen, Heikki Mannila, and Juha Kere. American Journal of Human Genetics 69(4, Suppl. 1): 1320, October 2001.
  • Offspring risk and sibling risk for multilocus traits Koivisto M and Mannila H. Human Heredity 51:4:209-216, 2001.
  • TreeDT: Gene mapping by tree disequilibrium test by Petteri Sevon, Hannu TT Toivonen, and Vesa Ollikainen. In The Seventh ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD-2001), 365 - 370, San Francisco, California, August 2001. ACM.
  • A second-generation association study of the 5q31 cytokine gene cluster and the interleukin-4 receptor in asthma by Paula Kauppi, Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, Petteri Sevon, Hannu T. T. Toivonen, John D. Rioux, Anu Villapakkam, Lauri A. Laitinen, Thomas J. Hudson, Juha Kere, and Tarja Laitinen. Genomics 77(1-2): 35 - 42, September 2001.
  • BIOKDD01 Workshop on Data Mining in Bioinformatics by Mohammed J. Zaki, Hannu T.T. Toivonen, and Jason T.L. Wang, editors. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, July 2001. RPI Technical Report 01-8.

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