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Organization and administration of Hecse (2007-)

Director of Hecse: Prof. Hannu Toivonen, University of Helsinki

Starting from 2007 - including student admission in autumn 2006 - Hecse is structured in three thematic areas, within which courses and supervision are primarily organized. The heads of these thematic areas, together with the director, form the management group.

Management group:

The management group works with the director in planning and execution of annual action plans and budgets. This includes coordination of work across the thematic areas of Hecse, as well as organization of actions concerning the whole school. It coordinates the student application review process and prepares a proposal for student admissions to the board, and organizes Hecse summer schools.


All supervisors of Hecse together constitute its board. The board decides on student admissions. Link to a list of board members by thematic areas.

Hecse recruits nationally and internationally high quality students with a Master's degree. Each application is reviewed by three Hecse supervisors primarily for the quality of the research plan and availability of supervision within Hecse, and for the preceding studies. Decisions of student admission are made by the board. In recent years the selection pocess, in particular for receiving funding from the school, has been extremely competitive. For more information on applying to Hecse, see the Admission page.

(For information about Hecse and its administration until end of 2006, see these old web pages.)

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