Jiaheng Lu's Archived News

Last update: August 2018.
  1. A lecture on big data management on 2018 Summer School: Challenges for the XXI century: data, information and communication under the Utrecht Network collaboration. See the exercise questions. (28.06.2018).
  2. Congratulate my two PhD students (in Renmin University of China) successfully defend their PhD thesis! Juwei Shi: Performance Evaluation, Models and Optimization for Big Data Analytics Platforms. Yu Liu: Structural-Based Approximate Algorithms for Massive Graphs. (18.05.2018).
  3. One lecture in the EDUFI Winter School in 2018 on "Introduction to Big Data Management". [Talk_slides] [Task] (03.04.2018).
  4. A new PhD student Gongsheng Yuan joined our research group in Helsinki at 30.10.2017. Welcome Gongsheng! (03.11.2017).
  5. One invited talk on our current two research projects at Aalto University. See [Presentation_slides] . (22.10.2017).
  6. We are awarded a new grant on multi-model data management from the Academy of Finland. See abstract. (22.06.2017).
  7. A new PhD student Yuxing Chen will join our research group in Helsinki at 06.03.2017. Welcome Yuxing! (04.03.2017).
  8. We will give a new tutorial on multi-model data management in EDBT conference 2017 [PDF][slides] (01.02.2017).
  9. We are awarded a new grant on heterogenous big data platform by Huawei Company (14.12.2016).
  10. "Towards Benchmarking Multi-Model Databases" CIDR 2017 [Abstract] (16.10.2016).
  11. Our group made a poster presentation in Linux Jubilee seminar at the department on 22,August 2016. [Poster] (16.10.2016).
  12. A new PhD student Chao Zhang will join our research group in Helsinki at 09.09.2016. Welcome Chao! (03.09.2016).
  13. Prof. Irena Holubova from Charles University in Prague visited our group (June-August, 2016) for the collabration on multi-model databases. Thanks Irena! (03.09.2016).
  14. We organized a workshop with ICDE 2016 in Helsinki on keyword search and data exploration (20.05.2016).
  15. We organized the First Europe-China workshop on Big Data Management in the University of Helsinki (16.05.2016).