Introduction to Databases (581328-9), Spring 2004


Course material consists of the e-learning material (by Harri Laine) and the lecture slide handouts. You need Computer Science Department's user account to access the material. Contact Pekka Niklander, room B425, if you don't have one. You may contact Pekka by sending him mail (

Additional material for the course in English may be found in many text books about databases, for example:

  • Ramakrishnan r. & Gehrke J.: Database Management Systems, 3rd. ed, McGraw-Hill, 2003. (the current text book of course Database Management)
  • Elmasri & S. B. Navathe: Fundamentals of Database Systems, 3rd ed. (Addison-Wesley, 1999). This course covers only some parts of this book. Chapters 1,2,7 not entirely, 8 and some parts of ch 10. A detailed description of the coverage may be found in the Topics-page.

  • The text book above does not cover Java interface and www-related topics of the course. Material about those topics may be found, for example, in:


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