Introduction to Databases (581328-9), Spring 2004


To pass the course you must pass the course exam (or the renewal exam). You can obtain points that affect the grade also by carrying out the exercises attached to the course.

  • You may get at most 45 points of the course exam. About half of these points are required to pass the exam.
  • You may get at most 15 points by doing the exercises succesfully. SQL exercises yield upto 10 points and the database design project that will be carried out as a study group yields up to 5 points.
  • You may get at most 5 bonus points by providing assistance for other students in the discussion group of the course.

We use the common scale of the Computer Science department for grading. This scale has the maximum of 60 points. To pass the course you need about half of the maximum points.

Another way to pass the course is to take a separate exam. In this alternative the exam points alone determine the grade.


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