Seminar on summer work projects August 21 and September 4 2014

Summer workers at Dept. CS and HIIT present the results of their projects.

The presentation slots are 15 minutes each (10-12 minutes for the presentation + 3-5 minutes for questions and switching the presenter). There is also a 15-minute break after each session that can be used for additional discussions, a bathroom break or fetching coffee (up to the session chair to decide).

Please prepare your slides as a single PDF file and place it somewhere where you can access it quickly (e.g. WWW or an USB stick). You may also use your own laptop if you check before your session that it works with the projector in the lecture room.

Preliminary Schedule:

August 21, Exactum B222

8:30-9:00 Morning coffee

09:00-09:45: Session I, Chair: Matti Järvisalo
Paul Saikko: Implementing a recent hybrid approach to solving MAX-SAT
Johannes Sirola: Low rank regression for modelling overdispersed counts
Taneli Pusa: Marginal Pseudo-Likelihood for Stratified Graphical Models

10:00-10:45: Session II, Chair: Patrik Floreén
Yuan Gao: An Interest Matching System Based on Interactive Data Exploration
Han Xiao: Collaborative feedback for interactive exploration of big data

10:45-12:00: Break

12:00-12:45:Session III, Chair: Hannu Toivonen
Petri Myllys: Mobile Phones for Musical Co-Creativity
Simo Linkola: Image processing techniques for pictorial metaphors
Long Nguyen: OmniShare - Protect your data everywhere

13:00-14:00: Session IV, Chair: Sasu Tarkoma
Mika Viinamäki and Paula Lehtola: Visualizing the Carat project data
Tien Thanh Bui: An efficient and privacy-preserving common friends-finder service
Swapnil Udar: LookAhead- Augmenting Crowdsourced Website Reputation Systems by Prediction Evaluation Rating


September 4, Exactum D123

12:15-12:45: Session V, Chair: Jussi Kangasharju
Ayesha Ahmad: Hop-On, Hop-Off: Using Public Transport Networks for Bulk Data Transfers
Farbod Faghihi: Data analysis of mobile data challenge

13:00-13:45: Session VI, Chair: Teemu Roos
Janne Leppä-aho: Marginal Pseudo-Likelihood Inference for Gaussian Graphical Models
Santeri Räisänen: Estimation of Mutual  Information of High Dimensional Data
Yang Zhao: Large-scale dimensionality reduction using an accelerated Isomap algorithm

13:45-14:15: Coffee Break

14:15-15:00: Session VII, Chair: Arto Klami
Joseph Sakaya: Machine learning for reconciling traditional with social media
Yao Lu: Unsupervised learning for image classification
Kalle Ilves: A feedback-based search engine for finding scientific papers

15:15-16:00: Session VIII, Chair: Antti Honkela
Victor Rodrigues: Detecting wrong probabilistic models: application to identifying incorrect transcript annotation
Jarno Alanko: Scalable clustering of metagenomic reads
Aravind Sankar: Probabilistic Modelling for Distinguishing Bacterial Strains from Sequencing Data


01.09.2014 - 09:01 Päivi A Kuuppelomäki
20.08.2014 - 12:15 Päivi A Kuuppelomäki