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Series of Publications C: Online Reports

8 Optimal multivariate discretization for naive Bayesian classifiers is NP-hard
Juho Rousu
9 Improved computation of 13C-isotopomer distributions from tandem-ms data
Juho Rousu & Ari Rantanen
12 Pilarcos prototype II
Lea Kutvonen, Markku Vähäaho
13 Platform experiences
Lea Kutvonen, Markku Vähäaho
14 Costs and benefits of Pilarcos federation middleware
Lea Kutvonen, Markku Vähäaho
15 Enhanced trading service in middleware for inter-organisational applications
Lea Kutvonen, Markku Vähäaho
23 Fault tolerance in real-time main-memory databases
Tiina Niklander
24 IP routing in IP radio access networks
Petteri Pöyhönen
7 F-RTO: a new recovery algorithm for TCP retransmission timeouts
Pasi Sarolahti & Markku Kojo & Kimmo Raatikainen
8 Evaluation of experimentation in IIP-Mobile project
Pasi Sarolahti & Markku Kojo & Kimmo Raatikainen
12 An IP-based mobile and QoS-aware network architecture
Jukka Manner
13 Analytical Markovian Model of TCP Congestion Avoidance Algorithm Preformance
Olga Bogoiavlenskaia, Markku Kojo, Matt Mutka, Timo Alanko
24 Key management and trust in 3G networks
Kari Miettinen
42 Efficient transport in 2.5G3G wireless wide area networks
Andrei Gurtov
47 Automatic extraction of framework specialization patterns
Jukka Viljamaa
54 Klusterointimenetelmät-seminaari
Hannu Toivonen
55 Flux estimation using incomplete isotopomer information
Juho Rousu, Ari Rantanen & Esko Ukkonen
68 Microscopy image analysis of bread using machine learning methods
J. T. Lindgren & Juho Rousu
1 Pilarcos architecture
Lea Kutvonen, Juha Haataja, Egil Silfver, Markku Vähäaho
2 Pilarcos performance
Juha Haataja, Egil Silfver, Markku Vähäaho, Timo Alanko
32 TreeDT: Gene Mapping by Tree Disequilibrium Test (Extended Version)
Petteri Sevon, Hannu T.T. Toivonen, and Vesa Ollikainen
1On the splitting properties of common attribute evaluation functions
Tapio Elomaa and Juho Rousu
3Verification of progress properties in a shared-memory concurrent system represented as a labeled transition system
Martti Tienari and Päivi Kuuppelomäki
4Timed semantics of concurrent systems
Matti Luukkainen
6Evaluation of RODAIN-2000 prototype real-time database system
Jan Lindström, Tiina Niklander and Kimmo Raatikainen
7Individualization by software advisors in computer-supported special education
Jaakko Kurhila
23Kolmiulotteisen kappaleen etsiminen tietokannasta tiheysjakauman perusteella
Kirsti Äystö
52Flowchart programming with Excel
Jukka Eskola and Jorma Tarhio
1Proceedings of the 1999 HeCSE Winter School
Tapio Elomaa (ed.)
2Nested Text-Region Algebra
Jani Jaakkola, and Pekka Kilpeläinen
35TranSID: an SGML document manipulation language - Reference manual
Jani Jaakkola, Pekka Kilpeläinen, Greger Lindén, Jyrki Niemi, and Kimmo Paasiala
36Bassist User's Guide for Version 0.83
Hannu Toivonen, Heikki Mannila, Jouni Seppänen, and Kari Vasko
37Detecting monophonic patterns within polyphonic sources
Kjell Lemström and Jorma Tarhio
51Approximate pattern matching and transitive closure logics
Kjell Lemström
52Olioperustaisen ohjelmistomittauksen nykytila
Juha Gustafsson and Lilli Nenonen
2Evaluation of RODAIN prototype real-time database system
Jukka Kiviniemi, Jan Lindstöm, Tiina Niklander, Pasi Porkka, and Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen
9Discovering frequent patterns from strings
Jaak Vilo
11Postponing the evaluation of attributes with a high number of boundary points
Tapio Elomaa, and Juho Rousu
12SGML & XML Content Models
Pekka Kilpeläinen
29Modeling KDD processes within the inductive database framework
Jean-Francois Boulicaut, Mika Klemettinen, and Heikki Mannila
30Annual report 1997
Reijo Siven (eds.)
31Bassist (version 0.8)
Hannu Toivonen, Heikki Mannila, Marko Salmenkivi, Jouni Seppänen, and Kari Vasko
42Attribute similarity and event sequence similarity in data mining
Pirjo Ronkainen
45Java and Internet security
Antti Viljamaa, and Jukka Viljamaa
50Requirements analysis of distribution exploited in telecommunications
Juha Taina
51Real-time distribution specification for RODAIN-2000
Juha Taina
8Levelwise search and borders of theories in knowledge discovery
Heikki Mannila, and Hannu Toivonen
15Discovery of frequent episodes in event sequences
Heikki Mannila, Hannu Toivonen, and A. Inkeri Verkamo
36TranSID: An SGML Tree Transformation Language
Jani Jaakkola, Pekka Kilpeläinen, and Greger Lindén
1Data Channel Service for Wireless Telephone Links
Jani Kiiskinen, Markku Kojo, Mika Liljeberg, and Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen
2Attribute-Oriented Induction and Conceptual Clustering
Oskari Heinonen, and Heikki Mannila
3Interactive Exploration of Discovered Knowledge: A Methodology for Interaction, and Usability Studies
Mika Klemettinen, Heikki Mannila, and Hannu Toivonen
7Rule Discovery in Alarm Databases
Kimmo Hätönen, Mika Klemettinen, Heikki Mannila, Pirjo Ronkainen, and Hannu Toivonen
28Enhanced Services for World-Wide Web in Mobile WAN Environment
Mika Liljeberg, Heikki Helin, Markku Kojo, and Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen
30Platform Requirements of a Real-Time Object-Oriented Database Management System for Telecommunications
Juha Taina, Petri Elovaara, Tiina Niklander, and Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen
40Intelligent Assembly of Structured Documents
Helena Ahonen, Barbara Heikkinen, Oskari Heinonen, Jani Jaakkola, Pekka Kilpeläinen, Greger Lindén, and Heikki Mannila
83Using sgrep for querying structured text files
Jani Jaakkola, and Pekka Kilpeläinen
15Enhanced Communication Services for Mobile TCP/IP Networking
Markku Kojo, Timo Alanko, Mika Liljeberg, and Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen
16Design Issues in Database Systems for Telecommunication Services
Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen, and Juha Taina
17Requirements Analysis for Database Services in Telecommunications
Juha Taina
29Evaluation of Database Architectures for Intelligent Networks
Juha Taina, Tapani Karttunen, Olli Martkainen, and Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen
30An Experimental Database Architecture for Intelligent Networks
Juha Taina, Mika Rautila, and Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen
41An Experiment of Dependability and Performance of GSM Access to Fixed Data Network
Heimo Laamanen
42On Implementing a Prototype IN Database Architecture
Juha Taina, and Harri Töhönen
43ALCHEMIST: a general purpose transformation generator
Greger Lindén, Henry Tirri, and A. Inkeri Verkamo
60Finding a Good Collection of Patterns Covering a Set of Sequences
Alvis Brazma, Esko Ukkonen, and Jaak Vilo
4Symptoms of Self-Similarity in Measured Arrival Process of Ethernet Packets to A File Server
Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen
15Phase Transitions in Sparsely Connected Boltzmann Machines
Serge Santos
32Federation transparency in ODP Trading function
Lea Kutvonen
39Connecting Mobile Workstations to the Internet over a Digital Cellular Telephone
Markku Kojo, Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen, and Timo Alanko
45Information Aspects of Services and Service Features in Intelligent Network Capability Set 1
Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen
53Measured Performance of Data Transmission Over Cellular Telephone Networks
Timo Alanko, Markku Kojo, Heimo Laamanen, Mika Liljeberg, Marko Moilanen, and Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen
54Evaluation of OMG, ODMG, X.500, and X.700 Data Models
Juha Taina
55Experimental Evaluation of A Parallel Spectral Method for Run Length Control in Steady-State Simulation
Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen
35Simulation Estimation of Dynamic Properties in Queueing Systems
Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen
65Improved Methods for Finding Association Rules
Heikki Mannila, Hannu Toivonen, and A. Inkeri Verkamo
44Estimating percentiles in stochastic simulation
Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen
45Run Length Control Using Parallel Spectral Method
Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen
46Controlling the Precisions of Estimated Means in Interactive Simulations
Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen
50Issues in Workload Modeling for Queueing Network Analysis
Kimmo E. E. Raatikainen

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