Autumn School on Computational Creativity

Material (2011)

This page contains links to electronic material of the Autumn School on Computational Creativity.

Download and install Netlogo on your laptop before the autumn school. It will be used in the lectures and exercises of Paulo Urbano.

Otherwise the material consists of slides and/or recommended readings. If you want to have personal copies, please download them to your laptop or print them out before the autumn school. We will not provide hard copies, and we can not guarantee a good wlan connection during the school.

New material may still be linked to this page before and during the school..

Simon Colton


Lecture 1: Introduction to Computational Creativity

Lectures 2 and 3: Building an Automated Painter

Lecture 4: Building an Automated Mathematician

Lecture 5: Philosophical and Formalisation Issue

Lecture 6: Guiding Principals of Building Creative Systems

Graeme Ritchie


Lecture 1: The Formal Description of Computational Creativity


Lecture 2: The Profile of a Creative Program


Lecture 3: Generating Verbal Humour


Lecture 4: Incongruity Resolution and Humour


Lecture 5: Riddle-Building by Rule


Carlo Strapparava


Witty, Affective, Persuasive (and Possibly Deceptive) Natural Language Processing


Paulo Urbano


Swarm Paintings as a Creative Human-Machine Process

Netlogo is the tool proposed for the implementation of swarm paintings. It can run on all main platforms. For the download and installation info, go to the Netlogo Webpage



  1. Challenge 1: Lunar Explorers [code]
  2. Challenge 2:The Love Letters of Emma Hauck [code]


Tony Veale


Creative Information Retrieval

 Geraint A. Wiggins


Computational Modelling of Music Cognition and Musical Creativity




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