Matti Jarvisalo

Matti Järvisalo

                                        University of Helsinki         Helsinki Institute for Information Technology Academy of Finland

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Associate Professor of Computer Science
Academy Research Fellow
Academy of Finland, 9/2014-8/2019
Principal Investigator
Constraint Reasoning and Optimization
Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Science
University of Helsinki

D.Sc.(Tech.) with distinction, 2008
   Helsinki University of Technology TKK
   [TKK is part of Aalto University since 2010.]
Lic.Sc. (Tech.), 2007, TKK
M.Sc. (Tech.) with distinction, 2004, TKK
Postal Address: Department of Computer Science / HIIT
P.O. Box 68
FI-00014 University of Helsinki
Office:Room A312,
3rd floor of Exactum, wing A
Pietari Kalmin katu 5
Telephone: +358 50 3199 248
Email: matti.jarvisalo[AT]

I lead the Constraint Reasoning and Optimization Group at the University of Helsinki.

Looking for a research-oriented Master's thesis topic, with a possibility of a part-time or full-time research assistant position? We are always on the lookout for talented students with

to work with us on forefront research problems within the Constraint Reasoning and Optimization Group. For more information, contact me by email.
Disclaimer: Apart from truly exceptional cases, internships are only available to student locally in the Helsinki region. I am not able to respond to every international query about internship opportunities.

In case you are interested in a postdoc position and already have a proven track record in (PhD-level) research areas closely related to my group's work, feel free to contact me by email with your CV to enquire possible opportunities.


See also recent work for new publications.

Earlier Highlights

M. Järvisalo, A. Van Gelder (eds.), LNCS 7962, Springer, 2013.


Research Interests

Boolean satisfiability and generalizations, decision procedures, constraint satisfaction, combinatorial/discrete optimization, automated reasoning, artificial intelligence, operations research, knowledge representation, complexity of reasoning, computational aspects of argumentation, probabilistic graphical models, structure discovery, ...

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A complete list of my publications with downloadable papers and bibtex entries is available both by year and by type.

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DBLP entry, Google Scholar profile, Semantic Scholar, Orcid ID 0000-0003-2572-063X (incomplete data), Scopus Author ID 23397451200 (incomplete data).

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To prospective students: If you're interested in conducting research aiming at a thesis under my guidance, feel free to contact me via email. To get a feel for possible topic areas, see my research interests above. You can also have a look at my publications.


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