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Andreas Niskanen

Postdoctoral researcher at the Constraint Reasoning and Optimization Group.

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Research interests

  • Boolean satisfiability and optimization
  • declarative problem solving
  • computational models of argumentation
  • knowledge representation and reasoning
  • artificial intelligence


Professional activities



Boolean optimization

  • iMaxHS - Incremental MaxSAT solver.
  • QBF-SMUSer - System for computing smallest MUSes of QBFs.

Computational argumentation

  • µ-toksia - System for reasoning in standard and dynamic abstract argumentation frameworks.
    • ICCMA2019 version, static binary for Linux (64-bit): Download
  • taeydennae - System for reasoning in incomplete argumentation frameworks.
  • selitae - System for computing smallest explanations and diagnoses in abstract argumentation.
  • pakota - System for enforcement in abstract argumentation.
  • AFSynth - System for argumentation framework synthesis.
  • k++ADF - System for reasoning in abstract dialectical frameworks.
  • joukko - System for reasoning in argumentation frameworks with collective attacks.
  • vaeite - System for reasoning in claim-augmented argumentation frameworks.

Computational social choice

  • SATcha - System for judgment and preference aggregation.

Inconsistency measurement

  • SAT4IM - System for inconsistency measurement.